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Tea Time with Trish: Going Against Our Nature

My kids had a day off from school, and we went for a drive that spontaneously landed us in Bragg Creek…about a 40 minute drive (well, the way we went anyway).  The beauty of taking drives is that it provides a space for solitude and time with your thoughts…if you allow it.   As we quietly drove (admittedly the drive home wasn’t as quiet!), each of us in our own world, my son suddenly said, “Mom, isn’t it funny how as kids we aren’t shy, but as we get older we are more shy?”   I thought this was very interesting coming from a nine year old, so I asked both my kids why they thought that was.   My daughter, who is seven, said, “It’s probably because when we’re little we don’t know better, but as we get older we learn to know better.”   Hmmm?  I believe the opposite is true.   As the conversation continued with my kids, it became obvious that when my son used the word shy,...

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