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Are you Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

This morning I was at the gym, and while I was on the bike, I was able to see into the group classroom where they were doing a Zumba class. As I was watching, my attention was drawn to a lady, who on the exterior, looked to have it all – amazing figure, gorgeous hair, makeup perfectly applied, top of the line aerobic wear…she was even wearing hoop earrings for the class. …And even though she initially captured my attention I couldn’t help but be continually drawn to the lady who was behind her. In comparison the lady behind her “should have” paled…according to societal standards – she was shorter and pleasantly plump, wearing an old purple tie-dye t-shirt (unless this is back in style and I’m unaware), no makeup, hair in a messy ponytail. BUT she was absolutely beautiful! Her energy was so amazing and so contagious that I couldn’t help but stop and watch her for a few minutes (no I’m not usually a...

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Tea Time with Trish: Is Having a Good Life Holding You Back?

I have a good life.  I always have.  Yet, for many years I was not happy.  It didn’t add up.  A good life should equal a happy life right?  Well, in reality that’s not always the case. A large part of the reason that this is not the case is because we have been mislead to believe what makes a good life – get a job/career, find a guy,  get married, then a house, next comes kids…  There is a very logical order for our good life to unfold. Now of course, these things all do definitely make for a good life…I know that having these things in my life have truly been part of the joy I enjoy in my life.  However, clearly they were not the only factor in creating my happiness, because for many years I struggled with feeling like something was still missing.  And in talking to other moms, I hear similar stories. So, what’s this missing piece? Fact is, no matter...

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A New Year; A New You

As I start the New Year, the quote by Wayne Dyer comes to mind “You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.”   To start this discussion on “attracting” I will go back to the basics of Universal Laws that state that we are governed by many laws, but the one that we have been hearing a lot about over the last several years is the Law of Attraction – “I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.”    This law is a fact. It’s been based in spiritual practices for centuries, and is now scientifically proven.  If you aren’t already consciously aware of this law…well, that means you’ve been living it by default.   …So, the Good News?  You create your life.  …And, the Bad News?  You create your life.   Yep, after reading this you can no longer place blame anywhere else for what is going on in your life, because the fact is…you created it. ...

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