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Day 8 No Striving Challenge – 2 Habits of Perfectionism

When in the throes of Perfectionism, it not only impacts your own life, but it impacts those around you. Here’s why - Perfectionism brings with it a high standard to live up to and attain.   This high standard of living results in these two habits:   1) Being Hard on Yourself – In striving to maintain the outward vision of perfection, by default you end up being really hard on yourself. Along with this comes a lot of guilt and second-guessing.   2) Being Hard on Others – Since you hold yourself to such a high standard, it stands to reason that you also hold others to a high, and often impossible, standard. Your high and rigid expectations cause you to be tough on others, and you can be easily frustrated with others imperfections.   Another aspect to this is that you can try to “fix” other people. You may come from a place of thinking you are being thoughtful and helpful, however the truth is that your quest to “fix” others is invested...

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