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Striving is #1 Cause to Struggle, Overwhelm & Frustration

I woke up on New Years day, and feeling a little lazy, I didn’t want to get out of bed right away. So, as I lay there, I grabbed my phone and decided to check my emails. As they were downloading, I saw the many subject lines scrolling down the screen….and I was triggered! I was overwhelmed with a feeling I can only describe as “Ugh.” I don’t know why I was surprised by the influx of emails all peppy and encouraging me to live my best life in 2014…but something was set off in me. No denying it. I had a strong visceral reaction to having my inbox flooded with very well-intentioned emails all willing to help me change, fix, and improve my life. Knowing that when we get triggered it’s never about the other person or people; it’s always about us, I knew there was a message in this for me. So, I decided to just take some time and feel into what it was. I knew that...

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Tea Time with Trish: My Summer Struggle

Summer is upon us and with that it has been bringing up mixed feelings for me.  The reason for these mixed feelings is because my higher self and my ego mind have been battling it out!  Since I have gone into business for myself, I know that the direction my business takes lies directly on my shoulders.   Most times I embrace the fact that I control my own future, however, in all honesty at times this can also scare the crap out of me!   The reason for the recent mixed feelings is because I really want to focus on being in the moment of being a mom, without the constant pull to feel like I “should” be doing something to keep up the momentum of my business.  If you talk to any marketer it is absolutely imperative to remain consistently visible so that we don’t get forgotten.  Although I do believe this to be true, I also feel that it is even more important to be in integrity at all times.   Because...

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Tea Time with Trish: Are you in the moment with your children?

I enjoy going to Starbuck’s whenever I am doing writing, or work that can be done on my computer.  So, today, I decided to head to Starbuck’s and settle in for a couple hours of focused work.  One of the things I have noticed from using Starbuck’s as my office, is that I also get the opportunity to see and hear what is going on for other people.  Sometimes it is simply an observation, other times I overhear a conversation (…and no I’m not purposely eavesdropping!), and sometimes someone just stops by my table for no apparent reason other than to have someone to chat with.  Regardless of the format in which it occurs, I have found that it is a great chance for me to learn what people are needing and craving. So, today’s lesson….are you living in the moment with your children?!  As I sat down, got my laptop set up, and settled in with my much loved Chai Tea Latte, I couldn’t...

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