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Tea Time with Trish: Part 3 – What Are We Trying To Escape?

UNEXPECTED GIFTS FROM A GETAWAY As I continue onto Part 3 of the series “Unexpected Gifts From A Getaway, ” little did I know that my trip to Banffwas going to heal me on more levels than just self-care.  If you missed out on Part 1 and Part 2, you can still be caught up to speed.   So many of us struggle through our everyday moments just looking forward to the reprieve we get at the end of the road.  We justify our busyness and stick fast to our determination to be in action…some to the point of even claiming to “like” being busy.  Hmmm?  Really?  That begs the question, “why?”   Finally we hit a tipping point where we need a break and we grasp on tightly to knowing its coming…just hold on and buck up and we’ll get a break soon.   This is exactly what I did.  I had thought, “I’ll fit in one more meeting, or one more activity, and then when I get toBanff, I’ll have a break.”   I was completely...

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