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Day 27 No Striving Challenge – Create a Soul Anchor

So, you now know (or remember) that you have support, and you realize you need to surrender. Now what?   You need a SOUL ANCHOR – this is something that keeps you anchored in the remembering of the power of who you truly are. I’ve already mentioned my Truth Affirmations which have been pivotal in building my trust.   Another anchor is creating a daily practice. Now don’t get overwhelmed with thinking that means you need to fit yet another thing into your day. Your daily practice can be very simple. Taking only 5 minutes a day to commune with your soul has far reaching impact…and I highly recommend that you find 5 minutes to yourself to do this.   Find a spot that is quiet where you won’t be interrupted, make a conscious connection with your Source (all that takes is your intention to connect), and deep breathe. That’s it.   Sound too simple? I have to say, I thought it was too simple, and that it didn’t really “make anything happen, ” but what I...

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