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Day 2 No Striving Challenge – The True Path to Effortless Ease

Today we’re still going to be looking at the definition of striving, but with the focus on the misguided thinking in the phrase STRENUOUS EFFORTS – To make STRENUOUS EFFORTS toward any goal.   Strenuous effort and trying hard comes from the position of needing to “make things happen” from an external standpoint. Although allowing what you desire into your life may require some action, when we let go of the striving mentality and slow down enough to listen to the guidance we are always receiving, the action we may be called to take is Inspired Action.   Inspired action emerges from an inner prompting and urges us to act from a place of joy and excitement (like how I feel about this project!). There’s no obligation or responsibility attached to the action.   Inspired action has a whole different feel and it can take some time to adjust to this new way of being…but I’m here to tell you it’s possible…and very much worth it!   Soul Team Chat  Keeping in mind awareness is the key, and often that’s all...

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Tea Time with Trish: Does Creating the Life You Want Feel Impossible?

As I write this I am sitting with a close-up view of Mount Kidd in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada.  I could not ask for a better view! This morning I woke up knowing this was a writing day for me, but in all honestly I was feeling a little uninspired, and not quite sure what I was going to write about. But as with everything, I always send out a Universal asking for what I need, so I did the same today, and just trusted that if I was meant to write today it would come. And it did…in a bit of an unexpected way.  As I was returning home this morning from dropping the kids off at school, there is a point on my route where I get an amazing view of the mountains.  As I looked out at the mountains, I got hit with an overwhelming urge to write “with a view.”  So, I knew I was goin’ somewhere with a view of the mountains. ...

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