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Day 23 No Striving Challenge – Gettin’ to the Truth

Since there has been more and more people waking up to the knowledge that we live in an energy based world, and the understanding of Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction, many people have used this knowledge to manipulate energy to make things happen (ie. Affirmations, pre-pave journaling, visualization, Reiki, etc).   I have certainly used my fair share of strategies and techniques to influence energy, and try to tip the scales in my favour towards what I want. This in of itself in not a bad thing. Our intentions are powerful. However, what I have learned and noticed for myself is that these types of strategies and techniques are often employed coming from a place of striving.   But, when we overcome our inclination to strive these are great tools to support us on our journey.   Affirmations (a positive statement in the present tense affirming our desire) have often been praised in the self-help world as being the key to creating lasting mind-set shifts. I personally have never felt...

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Guest Blog: It’s All About Intention Baby!

I coined the quote “We’re all on a spiritual journey…some of us just don’t know it yet, ” because I truly believe that the reason we are here is that we are on an evolution of a spiritual journey, HOWEVER the word “spiritual” can bring to mind a variety of stereotypical visions.  When I speak of spiritual, what I mean is simply our connection to ourselves and our higher power. In the following blog written by Joanne Cook, she states, “I took great comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone in my searching.” …And she certainly isn’t! More and more people are searching for something, and I can say with the greatest of confidence that the reason we are searching for something, or feeling disconnected, or feeling lost, or feeling purposeless…I could go on, is because we have lost our connection to knowing ourselves and to tapping into the guidance and resources of our higher power. When I use the term “higher power” I am not referring to some totally...

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Guest Blog: Help! I need to find myself!

“You are still YOU.”  This is one of the quotes taken from my friend and fellow blogger, Joanne Cook, who wrote the blog post below. The timing of this post is very fitting, since I have been interviewing many moms regarding some of the struggles they are encountering and what they are afraid of.  A common theme that emerged is that they (which may be you too) are afraid of losing themselves...

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