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Tea Time with Trish: Reconciling with my “Spiritual Side”

I’ve been on a conscious journey for quite a few years.  Before that I was still on a journey…just an unconscious one.  I was living my life by default not realizing that I really was the creator of my own life.   Once I woke up to the fact that I had more control over my own life than I realized, I began an avid search to begin to unpeel the layers of unconsciousness that I had allowed to occur…albeit unknowingly.  These layers that I speak of were layers of beliefs that I had bought into over the years, because at the time I didn’t know that I had the choice to disregard them.   These layers that create a shell around the spark of who we really are begin at a very young age, so by the time we wake up to the fact that there is a different way, many of us have forgotten who we truly are…it’s been buried for so many years.   This certainly was the case for me.  However, I...

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