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Day 11 No Striving Challenge – 1st By-Product of Over-Analyzing

The 1st by-product of being an Over-Analyzer is JUDGEMENT – of ourselves, and of others.   1. Judging Ourselves – Because over-analyzing often brings with it the doubts and questioning of our choices and decisions, we end up judging and being very hard on ourselves when we feel we didn’t make the “right” choice. This keeps us striving to be better and do better next time.   2. Judging Others – By over-analyzing and over-thinking others words, actions and choices we can come to believe we understand their motivations and assume we know what’s “best” for them. We can judge their choices, and therefore try to control, guilt, and manipulate them into seeing things the “right” way…which of course is our way.   Soul Team Chat  Where and how are you judging yourself? Where and how are you judging others?  ...

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Trisha’s Two-Cent Tuesday: Do You Allow Your Children Their Own Voice?

The other week, I had a friend come over, and she had asked my son, Jaden, if it was okay if she could give him a hug.  Jaden was hesitant, and I could see that we was struggling between doing what he wanted (which was not to hug her), and having to risk saying no and possibly offending her.   Myself, as well as my friend, encouraged him to answer truthfully according to what he wanted and how he felt.  He said no.   We both respected his decision, and in fact, I was quite proud of him for speaking up for what he knew was true for himself, and honouring his own feelings.   My Two-Cents? So many times, we as parents, encourage our kids to go against their better judgement and their own emotions.  And the reason we do this is because of our own need to please.   If we allow our children the space to make their own decisions in those moments, we are helping...

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Tea Time with Trish: What is Judgement REALLY about?

As I sit at Starbuck’s writing an article, I couldn’t help but take a quick break from it and start on this blog.  The reason for that is because of a conversation that is drifting my way (seriously, I don’t purposely eavesdrop)!   I think the reason that it has really piqued my interest is because I can hear my old self in their conversation.  The scene is a couple young girls who got together at a coffee shop with the intent of catching up and spending some quality time together.  In their attempt to bond and relate to each other, what is their common ground?…gossip!   As Girl A shared a story that was not sitting well with her about a mutual friend, Girl B was quick to empathize and validate just how right and justified Girl A was in her feelings.  From there Girl B contributed her stories to add depth to the misdoings of Mystery Girl C.  Soon the conversation escalated to a heated flurry of judgement and negativity surrounding this girl...

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