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Day 28 No Striving Challenge – 1st Way to Connect with Your Soul

One thing I hear a lot about is balance. People are wanting balance in their lives. This isn’t the time to get into it, but I will plant a seed that I don’t believe it’s about balance at all…it’s about FLOW.   With that being said, the reason so many people want balance is because your soul is calling to you to slow down, connect, and listen. What you really crave is SIMPLICITY.   You are bombarded with so much stuff that it drowns out the guidance of your soul. So, in order to begin to connect you need to start to simplify.   There are 3 areas where you can slow down and simplify: Your Environment - Our physical environment often becomes a place we use to fill the void within us. Not knowing what is missing we use “things” to fill what is empty. From an energetic view point, the more things and clutter in your homes, the more you are affected by its energy. So, start to simplify what “stuff” you...

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