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It’s All a Matter of Choice

Loving and accepting ourselves is a choice. Period.  Happiness is a choice. Period. The path of our lives is based on the series of choices we have made along the way.  If we are not happy with it, it once again boils down to choice. For many years I felt stuck; that my life was happening by chance.  I made excuses for why it couldn’t be changed.  In certain moments I grovelled in tears of self pity. For me the monumental shift in my life came when I began to listen to the whispers of my inner voice.  At first it was a complete stranger to me, but it was insistent enough that eventually I knew I had to listen.  It took time to build a stable trust with it, but with each step my confidence grew.  I no longer listened to the opinions of what others, including society, thought was best for me. All these choices lead me to living a life that is not without some ups and downs, but is...

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