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Tea Time with Trish: My Summer Struggle

Summer is upon us and with that it has been bringing up mixed feelings for me.  The reason for these mixed feelings is because my higher self and my ego mind have been battling it out!  Since I have gone into business for myself, I know that the direction my business takes lies directly on my shoulders.   Most times I embrace the fact that I control my own future, however, in all honesty at times this can also scare the crap out of me!   The reason for the recent mixed feelings is because I really want to focus on being in the moment of being a mom, without the constant pull to feel like I “should” be doing something to keep up the momentum of my business.  If you talk to any marketer it is absolutely imperative to remain consistently visible so that we don’t get forgotten.  Although I do believe this to be true, I also feel that it is even more important to be in integrity at all times.   Because...

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Guest Blog: Help! I need to find myself!

“You are still YOU.”  This is one of the quotes taken from my friend and fellow blogger, Joanne Cook, who wrote the blog post below. The timing of this post is very fitting, since I have been interviewing many moms regarding some of the struggles they are encountering and what they are afraid of.  A common theme that emerged is that they (which may be you too) are afraid of losing themselves...

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