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Who has time for that?!

Do you ever feel like time is the enemy?  That you are constantly negotiating your time, and you don’t get included on the docket of things that must be done…other than you get to be the driver?   This past weekend I went back to my parents farm in Saskatchewan for Thanksgiving (which was great by the way!).  At one of our meals I was sharing how I took my daughter, Mackenzie (9), for a “Mom & Me” Spa Day for her birthday.  As I was saying how I love the spas where you can hang out for the day wearing a robe, drinking tea, journaling, reading, and going in the hot tub between treatments, my sister responded with “Who has time for that?!”   …And it was a reminder to me of just how many other moms feel the same way.  She was speaking for more than just herself.   The thoughts of… That would be nice, but… I wish I could, but… I could use that, but…   OR not even entertaining the...

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Tea Time With Trish: It’s All About Me!

Once again, I was at Starbuck’s writing this morning.  This time I was re-writing my “About Me” page for my website, because I realized that my story has evolved since I wrote my last one and it was time to update.  Once I started writing, the typing didn’t seem to end, and I basically ended up writing a short story of my life.  Who knew I had so much to say?! I do realize that I may (or not…we’ll see…who made the rules?) have to pare it down a bit for website purposes, however I thought I would still share it with you all through my blog. I’ll give you fair warning, it is a bit lengthy, so grab a tea and settle in for the read.  My Chai Tea Latte was ice cold before I finished writing this one! Once you’re done reading I would absolutely love to hear you’re feedback, and any stories you have to share, so please email me at Here it is: Ok, so...

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