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Your Life Gets to Be More than it is Right Now

With all the awful, gloomy and scary things that go on in the world, it’s hard to believe that we are meant to have outrageously good lives.   …but we are.   We just need to be reminded…repetitively.   And that’s what I plan to do.  Remind you, convince you, assure you, persuade you, prompt you…whatever it takes.   Because we didn’t come here to settle, we didn’t come here to live in fear, we didn’t come here to coast, we didn’t come here to pass time.   We came here to engage, experience and participate…with all the good stuff.   And the cool part?  When we do this we also begin to transform the energy of the entire planet…that’s seriously how powerful we are.  But it starts with you.   It’s true.  You get to have it all.   By divine inheritance you get to be amazingly abundant, vibrantly healthy, gratifyingly successful, deeply loved, and joyfully fulfilled….but more importantly, as you enjoy all of these things, you also get to have the profound peace,...

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