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Day 20 No Striving Challenge – How Striving Affects You

When in the energy of striving we’re never able to relax into life. Our systems are in over-drive trying to prove our value and worth.   This affects us on 4 levels:   Physically – When we are in an on-going state of striving, eventually our bodies will give the signal that we’ve hit our limit. Our bodies give us messages as to what’s going on in the inside, not only from a traditional medical perspective, but also from a mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective. If you don’t listen to the initial nudges your body is sending you (ie. headache, tension, cold), the messages get louder and louder, until you are forced to listen …usually through the form of drama and trauma.   Mentally – Strivers have a hard time shutting their mind off. The mind is always checking off the to-do list and adding more to it. This creates A LOT of mind chatter and not only keeps us from not being in the moment, but keeps our nervous system...

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Day 17 No Striving Challenge – Common Motivations of Striving

Just as money and time can be our external motivators that keep us striving, we also have internal motivators that keep us striving. These ones are a little more sneaky because they aren’t as overt. We need to look below the surface to see what is driving us.   Rest assured there is always a pay-off for the actions and choices we make. When we come to understand why we choose to do the things we do, we are then is a position to change them.   Here are some common motivations:   Security & Safety – We have a strong desire for certainty. When we feel certain, it gives us a sense of stability which makes us feel secure and safe. Because of this we feel that we need to control our outer circumstances, and this keeps us in striving mode.   Belonging & Validation – Somewhere along the way many of us have lost our sense of self. Because of this we began to look outside ourselves to validate our value and worth. This has kept us...

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