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Day 15 No Striving Challenge – 2nd By-Product of Over-Achieving

The 2nd by-product of Over-Achieving is MICRO-MANAGING & MULTI-TASKING YOUR LIFE.   Instead of life being something to enjoy, it becomes something to manage. And in order to manage it, multi-tasking becomes inevitable. Our life becomes one big to-do list…and this keeps us very busy!   I’m sure that it is not big news to you to hear that we live in a hyper-paced society. Just listening to conversations, and looking around at people scurrying from one activity or errand to the next is proof enough that this is true. After being asked “How are you?” a common response is “Busy.”   When we’re busy, we’re given the false premise that we are actually achieving something.   What are you afraid will happen if you make the choice to slow down? Are you afraid… you will lose how others view you?…and you like the recognition. your kids will be deprived or held back in some way? you won’t feel important? that things would fall apart if you didn’t do them? you would be missing out on something? you would be judged? you would have to face...

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