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Has Life Been Feeling a Little Wonky?

I’ve been off the radar for a little bit. This certainly isn’t the first time. And when I come back, I always wonder, do I mention the pause in communication, or do I just jump right back in? Because in my personal world, there was no real pause. I was carrying on with life, but just behind the scenes. But here’s the reason I decided to address it this time...

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New Energy/Old Energy. Which Do You Choose to Live In?

We are living in a new energy…but there is still the playing out of the old energy going on. What this new energy provides us is the potential for new choices. You don’t have to stay stuck in a life that doesn’t leave you waking up looking forward to each day. That’s the old energy. …and through you becoming aware and conscious that there is something else available, you must take responsibility for what you choose.   The new energy is a place of ease, freedom, joy, and abundance; there is no struggle here. The old energy is mired in old programs, conditions, and emotions. …and you are now being continually presented with the choice of which energy you want to live in. Anything that is showing up in your current reality provides you with a new choice, and that choice essentially boils down to – do you choose fear or do you choose love?   You create your own universe; the vibrational dimension you live in, with every single choice you make. Every time you choose love you...

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