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Day 24 No Striving Challenge – The Truth of Your Soul

In order to move forward from where you are, and to move beyond the striving, you need to shed the old beliefs, the old stories that were keeping you there, and start to embrace new ones.   When committed to moving away from striving, it’s important to tap into the truth of who you are, as well as Universal Truths (aka Soul Truths). These new beliefs will support you in moving into and embracing more of who you are. When we truly know the power of who we are, the need for striving falls away.   These serve as reminders to help ease the chatter of the ego mind, and to keep us in the flow of life.   Here is a list of Truth Affirmations I use… I don’t need to figure out the “how.” What I focus on expands. We are all Infinite Beings. The answers I seek are within me. We are all interconnected. My thoughts and actions impact the whole. I am the source of my abundance. My higher self is always conspiring for my highest...

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