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Are You Using Santa to Manipulate Your Kids?

Christmas is an exciting time of year for kids …but can be an overwhelming one for adults if you allow yourself to get hooked into the stress.  As the excitement increases for the kids, and the stress increases in direct proportion for the adults, I have seen and heard parents using the icons of the season (ie. Santa, Elf on the Shelf) in order to get their children to “behave.” It seems the perfect opportunity to step out of the role of being the “bad guy” ourselves, and putting the emphasis and blame somewhere else.  It takes the heat off of us for a change!!! You’ll hear statements such as: You better behave or you’ll be on the naughty list. You better listen cause Santa is watching. You’re going to get a lump of coal in your stocking if you keep that up. I’m gonna get Santa on the phone if you don’t clean your room. ….or some other more creative renditions. Though it may be a very effective method at the time, the hard truth is ….it’s...

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