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Your Desires Have Great Purpose…So Go Ahead and Want What You Want

My search for my connection with my true self didn’t start out as a search for my true self…it started out as a seeking to “get” what I wanted.   I’d love to paint myself as the wise and altruistic soul that just knew that there was a higher and deeper meaning to life, but that’s not quite how it went down. The truth is…I just wanted life to be a little bit better.   It wasn’t even that I was reaching for something more. More accurately, I was trying to avoid what already was.   I wasn’t happy in my career, and I simply wanted to stop waking up with a heavy heart and stop dreading the day ahead. I wanted to feel better. I wanted to improve my life a little. I wanted to fix what wasn’t working. I wasn’t going for anything big or grandiose. I just wanted to feel better.   Finally, after much internet surfing to find what I hoped would be a new career which would be the solution to all my angst, I had what could...

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