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Outsmart Your Worries and the World is Yours

The tendency is that whenever there is something that we want to change, the default is to try to control the external environment and external situations. But the change needs to happen on the inside first…it’s then that the outside can follow.   We are vibratory, feeling beings. Our Universe responds to us based on what we feel. So no amount of effort and action can yield the results that taking the time to relax and tend to your inner environment can do.   As you want changes to occur on the outside, it is first important to create the changes on the inside, and what that means is that, yes, there may be a time lag before you end up seeing things changing externally.  Your first evidence that things are changing is going to be that you notice that you feel better, you feel more at ease.  When you feel that, you can be sure that the outer changes are following…albeit with divine timing. You got to get your own time schedule out of the way.   So this is...

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Being Spiritual Doesn’t Mean Boring

Authenticity is important.  In fact, the Universe isn’t tolerating much less these days.   As you remember who you are, it’s essential that you don’t get lost in the ideas of what it means to be spiritual. You still get to be you…just with a higher awareness of the truth of who you really are.   ----   I like mindless, trashy novels, tv shows, and movies.  But I also like a good reach-into-my-heart-and-open-me-up spiritual book.   On my Kindle you’ll find youth fiction (Hunger Games, Divergent). But you’ll also find spiritual classics, quantum physics, and books on creativity.   I can be sarcastic, slightly inappropriate, and a little bit unclassy.  But I can also be eloquent, articulate and well-spoken.   I can by feisty and stubborn. But I’m also quiet and easy-going.   I love a good laugh. But I also love a good cry.   I can be extroverted and sociable. But I also cherish my alone time, and like to keep to myself.   I love to know the direction I’m going.  But I don’t want a goal, plan or strategy to get there.   I love to get together for a...

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