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Challenge What You Think You Know

It’s time to challenge why you do the things you do. It’s time to challenge the way you think. It’s time to challenge how you feel. It’s time to challenge who you think you are.   All of it’s up for questioning.   It’s time you became curious about and questioned everything you think you’ve known. …because frankly…most of it isn’t true.   We’ve been misled. We’ve been misguided. We’ve been manipulated. Gasp…manipulated?! Yes, even manipulated. Sometimes through innocent means by our caregivers who were also unsuspectingly manipulated…and most definitely through greed-driven intent by establishments whose sole focus was on suppression and the bottom-line.   This isn’t about being victimized. There’s no point in looking to place blame. Instead it’s time to course correct.   In fact, the course correct is already in motion. Currently it may look to be in the form of chaos and disruption, but don’t be fooled by what it looks like on the outside. Behind all the chaos there is a new energy emerging; an energy that is based in the truth of who we are.   As this...

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