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Trisha’s Two-Cent Tuesday: Do you feel guilty about the time you spend with your children?

In talking with moms, whether they be stay-at-home moms, working moms, corporate moms, or entrepreneurial moms there is a running theme around the guilt of the amount of quality time spent with their children. With stay-at-home moms there is the guilt of being home, so feeling that their time should be spent either doing something with the kids or doing something for the kids.  With working moms there is the guilt of being away and handing over care of their children to someone else. Regardless of what category of mom you fall into, the common theme is guilt around not enough quality time with your children. My two-cents? First and foremost, I don’t believe one way of parenting is the “right” way.  Whether you are staying at home or working, it doesn’t matter.  You need to do what you feel called to do, not what others may say is the best way to raise your children. And a quick side note - if someone does try to make a strong...

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Trisha’s Two-Cent Tuesdays: Plan a No-Plan Day

We are living is such a fast-paced and busy world that it is so easy to get caught up in it all and completely forget about ourselves. We plan and schedule birthday parties, appointments, play dates, family get-togethers, hockey tournaments, dance recitals, and on and on and on…. BUT do we make the same time for ourselves?  My guess is probably not! My two-cents? Plan a No-Plan day…and this IS your plan for the day.  That may sound a tad crazy, but really is it?  If we don’t actually pencil ourselves into our own schedules, will it happen? And don’t be tempted to give into to other requests of your time, because “technically” you don’t have any plans.  Nope!  You do have plans….plans to do whatever little ole you feels like…without guilt! Here is how a conversation may go: Friends - “Trish, a whole bunch of us are getting together for lunch today.  Wanna come?” Trisha – “Sorry, I can’t I have plans today.” Friends – “Oh, ok…what are your...

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