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Why It Can Feel So Hard To Change

We think that our difficulty with trying to change is due to our lack of motivation, drive, determination, and perseverance.  We beat ourselves up; we make ourselves wrong.  But it isn’t about us at all.  The problem is the framework we were given.   There’s a reason so many of us are aiming for more; reaching for something beyond the ordinary.  It’s because our soul knows there’s more; it’s nudging us to expect more, to experience more, to love more, to enjoy more.  It’s badgering us to step into the full potential and unlimited possibilities that are meant for us.   …and it won’t stop til we listen.   Because of past conditioning, this does require some things to change.  The first starting with our mind.   But why does the change feel so hard?   You can affect change through the avenue of science (logic) or through the avenue of spirituality (spirit).  It’s all the same, just different vocabulary; just different points of access.   Although, by and large, I prefer to use the language of...

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