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Day 30 No Striving Challenge – 3rd Way to Connect with Your Soul

In order to truly connect with your soul, you need to become a SOUL RECEIVER.   So often the reason we are not able to hear or see our guidance is because we have not allowed ourselves to receive it.   Receiving happens on many levels. Not only do you need to learn to receive the messages of your inner guidance, but it needs to start with being willing to receive within your relationships as well. Because everything is energetic, when you are a non-receiver, you unknowingly shut down the channels where guidance can flow to you. ….but don’t worry they can easily be re-opened!   Are you a Non-Receiver? Here are some symptoms of a Non-Receiver…   Emotionally you feel unappreciated Physically you feel exhausted Mentally you feel resentful Spiritually you feel disconnected   In these cases, we tend to put the blame outside of ourselves, but the real question is – are you open to receiving?   How often have you silently pleaded for help, but when offered you find yourself saying, “Oh don’t worry. I’m fine.” OR how often...

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