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Day 6 No Striving Challenge – 4 Common Behaviors of Striving

In our quest for proving our value and worthiness we often get caught in one, if not all, of the common behaviors of striving. These behaviors are established with the underlying desire to get our emotional needs met, because at some level we feel a void.   But what these behaviors really accomplish is keeping us trapped in striving for something that is outside of ourselves.   4 Common Behaviors of Striving: Perfectionism People Pleasing Over-Analyzing Over-Achieving   Over time, more and more aspects of these behaviors dropped away for me. Sometimes, however, I met the releasing of them with a lot of resistance….and that was my indicator that it definitely was time to let them go.   When resistance kicks in, that is a really good sign that you are ready to let go of the behaviors that haven’t been serving you. Be warned - as what you no longer need rises to the surface, your ego mind gets louder!   Soul Team Chat What in your life feels like it is no longer serving you? Are you getting mind chatter around...

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