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Steps to Self Love & Acceptance

We are so hard on ourselves.  This is not only an individual problem; it’s a Universal one.  Somewhere along the line we bought into the belief that we are somehow “less than” when we make foolish choices or mistakes. Because of that we are also hard on others.  On some level it makes us feel better to judge other people’s choices and mistakes.  It gives us the illusion of feeling we know better, therefore we are better.  This is simply the coping mechanism many have created in order to release some of the pressure we feel within our own lives. Whether it be judging others or judging ourselves, the bottom line of it all is that we are not loving and accepting ourselves fully and completely. So how do we begin choosing to love ourselves?  First of all, I strongly believe it boils down to awareness.  When we become aware that we are hard on ourselves as well as others, we can begin to choose differently.  Secondly, being hard on ourselves didn’t...

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