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Baring My Soul

Self-love and acceptance is a Universal problem.  It is the underscore of the challenges and struggles we have in our lives.  It is what causes us to be so hard on ourselves. I recently came face to face with having to acknowledge that there were still parts of myself I did not love and accept, and these parts were causing me to continue the cycle of self-doubt, and self-criticism.  It wasn’t that I was consciously suppressing these feelings, because the truth is that I truly was feeling great about myself and my life.  I’ve done a lot of work on becoming the person I know and want to be, and I felt good about that. BUT now there was no denying that I was coming to a whole new level and layer of loving and accepting myself at a deeper level.  Upon this realization it didn’t take long to recognize where I was still over-analyzing and questioning myself.  As frustrating as it was to admit this to myself (and now to you), ...

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