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Day 29 No Striving Challenge – 2nd Way to Connect with Your Soul

Riding on the coat tails of simplicity is SPACIOUSNESS & SERENITY.   We need to provide ourselves with the space and time to connect with our soul.   Spaciousness is about being okay with the pauses in life. We valiantly rush from one place to the next, work on one project and jump into the next, and fill our schedules with obligations and to-dos that it doesn’t leave much space or time for guidance.   But the natural flow of things includes pauses. In these pauses is when we find serenity. We need pauses between:   Minutes of the day – take breaks! Days of the week – stop trying to squeeze as much as you can into each day Months of the year – plan a “no plan” day at least once a month Projects Relationships …and the list goes on.   Spaciousness allows for the spontaneous to occur. Unexpected invites and opportunities arise that you can say yes to when you have allowed for spaciousness in your life.   Also find serenity in spending time with yourself. Being among people is great and fun, but we also...

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