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Are You Using Shame as a Form of Discipline?

We are here for connection.  And we especially want to feel connected with our children.  We are happiest when we feel connected – to our spouse, to our children, to our friends, and to our Source (whatever you choose to call it…God, Universe, Higher Self).   So why is there so much disconnection?  Why are we hearing about more family members who no longer communicate, friends that have parted ways, struggles with our children….?   After listening to Dr. Brene Brown on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, I received a big ah-ha on this topic.   One of the factors is shame…and I think it’s a big one.   Shame is used to verbally stop unwanted and undesirable behaviour.  Shame is often used as a form of discipline.  Of course, we don’t always see that this is the case.  It’s become so common that we are unaware of the impact it has on our children…and our connection with them.   As quoted from Dr. Brene Brown – “Shame unravels our connection.”   Shaming makes the child feel: Wrong for...

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