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Why Do We Fight To Be Right?

I used to be a “fence sitter.” I really didn’t have a strong opinion about anything. Certainly part of it was because I am pretty easy-going, BUT a larger portion of that was because I didn’t have the confidence to stand firm in my own beliefs. I really hadn’t formed any of my own beliefs. I grew up believing what I was told by my parents, teachers, peers, society…I hadn’t yet developed my muscle in establishing my own set of beliefs that worked for me. So, when one of those programmed beliefs were challenged, I felt I needed to fiercely defend it. They weren’t ever beliefs that I chose for myself, so why was I so eager to fight to be right? Because my belief system was being challenged. And whether consciously or not (okay…not) that was very unsettling. I was being forced to possibly look at things another way, and I was so unaccustomed to doing that that it threw me off balance. It rattled my “safe” little world....

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Do you Value Your Child…Regardless of What Team They End Up On?

With the start of the school year also comes the start of evaluations for many sports that our children are involved in. Because of this I am hearing the buzz of a common theme. The wonder, the anticipation, the speculation, the expectations…and above all the stress. The ironic part? These aren’t the feelings of most the kids…these are the feelings of the parents. I think all parents who have children involved in sports experience some of these feelings to one degree or another. It takes a lot of self-awareness on the part of the parent, as well as the child, to not get caught up in the intensity of emotions that can occur. However, we are human, and parenting from the ego can take a strong-hold and hold us prisoner if we are not in a place to recognize it. This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have a strong desire for parents to wake up to the appealing pull of the ego-mind, and recognize...

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