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Day 21 No Striving Challenge – Warning Signs You’re Disconnected

Connecting with your Spiritual Side is the key to letting go of the striving.   First I want to touch on what I mean by Spiritual. This word can cause resistance because it is linked to certain beliefs. When I refer to spiritual I’m using it to mean knowing our true selves, and living from a place of love and compassion.   Knowing our True Selves also brings with it some questions. What I mean by this is understanding that we are more than a human body. We are all divine beings here to create, experience and enjoy.   “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin   When we have forgotten this truth, we often feel disconnected. If you've ever felt… Lonely, alone and isolated A roller coaster of intense emotions Tense and anxious about your future Angry, regretful, and unforgiving of your past Overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated Filled with self-doubt & despair A sense of longing for a better way A knowing there has got to be more to...

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Guest Blog: It’s All About Intention Baby!

I coined the quote “We’re all on a spiritual journey…some of us just don’t know it yet, ” because I truly believe that the reason we are here is that we are on an evolution of a spiritual journey, HOWEVER the word “spiritual” can bring to mind a variety of stereotypical visions.  When I speak of spiritual, what I mean is simply our connection to ourselves and our higher power. In the following blog written by Joanne Cook, she states, “I took great comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone in my searching.” …And she certainly isn’t! More and more people are searching for something, and I can say with the greatest of confidence that the reason we are searching for something, or feeling disconnected, or feeling lost, or feeling purposeless…I could go on, is because we have lost our connection to knowing ourselves and to tapping into the guidance and resources of our higher power. When I use the term “higher power” I am not referring to some totally...

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