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Tea Time with Trish: Part 6 – Really, What is Balance?

UNEXPECTED GIFTS FROM A GETAWAY One of my take aways from my trip to Banff (click here for the first 5 parts) was to question more deeply what it really means to be in balance.  I have learned from my own experience that is not reasonable to expect that every single day is going to be perfectly in balance, or that there will always be equal time spent between work, activities, and family.  So then, what does it mean?  This is how I have come to understand it:   I believe that we need to relate balance to the balance of nature.  Everything in life has an ebb and a flow, and so will be the same when it comes to creating balance within our life.  We would drive ourselves crazy if we insisted on everything being in equal parts in all areas of our lives at all times.   If you look at the cycles of nature there is a time for action, and a time for rest.  This can easily be illustrated in...

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