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Day 21 No Striving Challenge – Warning Signs You’re Disconnected

Connecting with your Spiritual Side is the key to letting go of the striving.   First I want to touch on what I mean by Spiritual. This word can cause resistance because it is linked to certain beliefs. When I refer to spiritual I’m using it to mean knowing our true selves, and living from a place of love and compassion.   Knowing our True Selves also brings with it some questions. What I mean by this is understanding that we are more than a human body. We are all divine beings here to create, experience and enjoy.   “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin   When we have forgotten this truth, we often feel disconnected. If you've ever felt… Lonely, alone and isolated A roller coaster of intense emotions Tense and anxious about your future Angry, regretful, and unforgiving of your past Overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated Filled with self-doubt & despair A sense of longing for a better way A knowing there has got to be more to...

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