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Tea Time with Trish: Part 2 – Really? I Thought I Was Listening!

UNEXPECTED GIFTS FROM A GETAWAY   Here is part 2 of the 6 part “Unexpected Gifts From a Getaway” blog series.  Click here if you’d like to start at the beginning.   As I mentioned last week, I had eagerly been anticipating my 3 day getaway to Banff, only to get there and on the second day come to realize that it wasn’t going quite how I expected.  This little getaway ended up bringing about amazing lessons that I clearly needed to learn, and that I am going to continue sharing with you here.   The first thing that time to myself in Banff helped me realize is that I had denied myself the permission to feel what I was feeling, because I was too focused on where I was going.  I’m all for putting your energy in the direction you want to be heading, but definitely not at the expense of losing touch with what your emotions are telling you.   Obviously this was the reason why I so strongly felt that I had to get away...

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Tea Time with Trish: Wait…This Is Not How Its Suppose To Go!

UNEXPECTED GIFTS FROM A GETAWAY   Some of you may know that last week I went to Banfffor a three day getaway.  I really looked forward to this time to myself.  I knew I needed it.  HOWEVER, I didn’t understand the full reason of why I really needed it.   I will share the reasons of why I really needed it in a 6 part series I decided to call “Unexpected Gifts From A Getaway.”  I am sharing the lessons I learned while there, as well as some of the ripple effect lessons I learned as a result…and they may not be what you expect.  My hope is that some parts of these awarenesses I came to will also serve a purpose for you.   I spent 3 full days in Banff, and the first day was exactly how I had imaged and envisioned it.  I got to Banff early, went straight to Starbuck’s to have my Chai Latte while settling in to write in my journal and doing some reading.   Everywhere I went I ensured that I...

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