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Trisha’s Two-Cent Tuesdays: What Message Are We Sending Our Children?

How many times have you caught yourself saying to your children, “Jane is joining dance, why don’t you?” or “Look at Johnny, he’s sitting so well, ” or “See how Sarah is doing that on her own”?  BUT in the next breath we ask the old cliché, “If Tommy jumped off a bridge, would you?”   First we tell them to follow, and next we are telling them not to.  Huh?!   We are sending our children mixed messages.  And the bottom-line is all these messages are geared to getting our kids to do what we think is “right”; what we view as socially acceptable.   My two-cents? These mixed messages are very confusing to kids who are born intuitively tapped into what is best for them.  As we continually point out what this kid is doing, how that kid is behaving, the way the other kid is acting…our own children begin to question their own instincts.  Over time they will lose touch with their own innate feelings and emotions, and start...

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