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When Things Feel Slow In Coming

  You’re a creator and of course you want your creations to show up in your reality. So when they aren’t, or they feel slow in coming, it can be quite a frustrating thing. …And then of course your frustration with it all, continues to hold it all off. SO, here are some suggestions that may help put your mind at ease, relax your body, and remind you that there is a bigger picture at play.   When things feel slow in coming, here are some things to consider…   The Universe knows your desires and also knows the desires of everyone else involved, and other people and certain situations may need to be in place for everything to line up in order for it all to come together...

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Your Desires Have Great Purpose…So Go Ahead and Want What You Want

My search for my connection with my true self didn’t start out as a search for my true self…it started out as a seeking to “get” what I wanted.   I’d love to paint myself as the wise and altruistic soul that just knew that there was a higher and deeper meaning to life, but that’s not quite how it went down. The truth is…I just wanted life to be a little bit better.   It wasn’t even that I was reaching for something more. More accurately, I was trying to avoid what already was.   I wasn’t happy in my career, and I simply wanted to stop waking up with a heavy heart and stop dreading the day ahead. I wanted to feel better. I wanted to improve my life a little. I wanted to fix what wasn’t working. I wasn’t going for anything big or grandiose. I just wanted to feel better.   Finally, after much internet surfing to find what I hoped would be a new career which would be the solution to all my angst, I had what could...

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