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What’s New in the New Year

The Soulful Parent Course I just finished wrapping up my 10 Week The Soulful Parent In-Person Course.  It was such a fabulous 10 weeks, with an amazing group of ladies that it was sad to see it end…but a new journey begins.  There was much discussion, learning…and A LOT of laughter! I also felt the same when my last spring course came to an end.  I have been blessed with many amazing women entering my life….wanting both personal growth, as well as parental insights & awarenesses.  Because of this a strong bond between like-minded women quickly occurs, and it makes us all feel united in our paths.  …And I especially love the laughter that ensues that keeps life light-hearted, and makes us all realize we are certainly not alone is some of the “mistakes” we make…so why not just laugh at them. So, I am excited to announce a few things: 1) I will be holding another 10 Week The Soulful Parent In-Person Course in the spring starting on March 6th.  Click here...

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