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Day 12 No Striving Challenge – 2nd By-Product of Over-Analyzing

The 2nd by-product of being an Over-Analyzer is WORRY & ANXIETY.   When we are in striving mode we take it upon ourselves to “figure things out” and this brings with it a lot of responsibility, therefore we get caught up in over-analyzing things because we are invested in making the “right” choice.   Our minds are always “on” feeling there’s more to do and more to take care of. And if you’re not on top of it all, all the balls you’ve been juggling will come crashing down. You feel the weight of needing to figure it all out, so there’s no misstep where the balls could potentially fall.   A result of this is that we live in a continual state of low grade worry and anxiety (and sometimes it’s not so “low grade”). Not only is it NOT healthy for our minds, but our bodies begin to show the signs of this stress as well.   Soul Team Chat  Has your body shown signs of worry and anxiety (ie. Sleepless nights, headaches, tight chest or...

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