Tea Time with Trish: Does Creating the Life You Want Feel Impossible?

Tea Time with Trish: Does Creating the Life You Want Feel Impossible?

As I write this I am sitting with a close-up view of Mount Kidd in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada.  I could not ask for a better view!

This morning I woke up knowing this was a writing day for me, but in all honestly I was feeling a little uninspired, and not quite sure what I was going to write about. But as with everything, I always send out a Universal asking for what I need, so I did the same today, and just trusted that if I was meant to write today it would come.

And it did…in a bit of an unexpected way.  As I was returning home this morning from dropping the kids off at school, there is a point on my route where I get an amazing view of the mountains.  As I looked out at the mountains, I got hit with an overwhelming urge to write “with a view.”  So, I knew I was goin’ somewhere with a view of the mountains. 

I had two choices – 1) to knock on my friend Jacki’s door, who has an amazing view of the mountains from virtually every room in her house (not sure she’s appreciate that!), or 2) drive out to the mountains!  I opted for number two.

So, I quickly stopped at home, grabbed my laptop, swung by Starbucks for my Chai Latte (you didn’t think I’d forget my tea, did ya?!), and I headed for a day in the mountains.

Now, I have to tell you, only 6 short years ago, I wouldn’t have been nearly as spontaneous.  I felt stuck in a career that was making me very unhappy, and I felt that it was out of my control to change these circumstances.  I have to admit that towards the end of my teaching career, I was not a good teacher.  I was uninspired, drained, and unmotivated.  Although, I will say one area I was still good at was making a connection with the students…I will give myself credit where credit is due.  However, as I teacher, clearly I needed to move on.  To where…..?

As I was driving towards the mountains goin’ the speed limit without the radio on; simply enjoying the view without distraction, my mind began taking me back to certain parts of my journey.  Six years ago the thought of being in a career that allowed me the flexibility and spontaneity to take a drive out to the mountains on a whim…and it still be part of my “work”…would have been completely unfathomable. 

I was very much a person who stayed within the lines, stuck to the rules, and made sure everyone else was happy.  But lord knows I wasn’t!

As I continued driving I could literally feel myself start to relax more and more, knowing that in trusting my nudges, I was doing exactly what I was suppose to be doing. The views were amazing – snow capped mountains with crisp winter air that made them pop out and feel even closer than they were.  As I turned onto the Kananaski road the scenery began to change, but into something equally as beautiful – the mountains shadowed the roads and trees, so all the trees were still covered in frost; every once in awhile I’d round a curve and the sun would peek through casting shimmers of sparkling snow.

I was totally immersed in the beauty of the nature surrounding me that it felt like I was in the scene of a movie…except that I really had to pee (damn those Chai Latte’s!!!).

This fact in itself created a bigger lesson – there is still beauty to be appreciated regardless of the circumstances you are in right now.  Where are you going to put your focus?!

As I got to Kananaskis Lodge and stepped out of my vehicle, a feeling of awe came over me.  And then my next thought was, “Find a bathroom!”  …Sorry if I am ruining your pure vision of this scene…just keepin’ it real!

As I was driving, and as I am sitting here now, the realization continues to hit me….I created this!  Maybe it’s the mountains talkin’ (okay, it’s definitely not just the mountains)…but life is good!

Having just read that above paragraph, how did you respond?  Really think about it.  Did you think, “Yep, life is good.”?  Or were you thinkin’ “Oh, I wish…that would be nice.”? Or were you thinkin’ “Yeah, easy for her to say, she has more flexibility.  I have commitments and obligations.  I can’t just run off to the mountains for the day.”?

Well, years ago, I would have thought I couldn’t either….BUT I just did!  I had to take some leaps of faith, surround myself with supportive people, take some “risks, ” challenge my beliefs, let go of what others thought, and trust myself.  …BUT I did it.

When I stepped out of my vehicle and breathed in the mountain air, I was truly overwhelmed with how blessed I feel.  And I had to give myself a pat on the back for having the courage to choose this life.  It didn’t find me…I found it!

If right now you feel stuck, struggling, depressed, too scared to ask for help, don’t want to admit to yourself or others that you need help….I get it!  I absolutely know how you feel.  But, I believe the reason I was inspired to write about this is to show you that it can change.  You can change; your circumstances can change.

If a rule-abiding, stay on the beaten path, perfectionistic people pleaser, and over-analyzer to boot can do it…I guarantee you can too!!!  I say this as I am admiring the view of Mount Kidd.  How is your view?

Trisha Savoia is founder/owner of Absolute Awareness, and creator of the Moms Who Want More Program.  Through her programs, writing, and speaking she uses her skills and experience as a mother, teacher, & Clinical Hypnotherapist to mentor moms who want more out of their lives – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.