Tea Time with Trish: Is Having a Good Life Holding You Back?

Tea Time with Trish: Is Having a Good Life Holding You Back?

I have a good life.  I always have.  Yet, for many years I was not happy.  It didn’t add up.  A good life should equal a happy life right?  Well, in reality that’s not always the case.

A large part of the reason that this is not the case is because we have been mislead to believe what makes a good life – get a job/career, find a guy,  get married, then a house, next comes kids…  There is a very logical order for our good life to unfold.

Now of course, these things all do definitely make for a good life…I know that having these things in my life have truly been part of the joy I enjoy in my life.  However, clearly they were not the only factor in creating my happiness, because for many years I struggled with feeling like something was still missing.  And in talking to other moms, I hear similar stories.

So, what’s this missing piece? Fact is, no matter how great your life appears on the outside if you don’t know who you are, why you are here, understand your larger purpose, and are aware that you have constant access to a source of guidance, you will always feel there is a missing piece or void in your life.

The problem with having a good life is that it often doesn’t spur us on to create a great life; a fully connected, fulfilling, meaningful, and purpose-filled life.  It’s so very easy to settle into the complacency.  Often times it is because we feel guilty questioning the level of happiness in our lives.  It feels disrespectful and even selfish to want even more.  BUT we are allowed to want MORE…we deserve to have MORE.

We do not have to encounter tragedy, pain, or huge obstacles to feel the need to create change.  We don’t have to wait for something “bad” to happen to feel that it’s okay to want more from life.  We shouldn’t settle just because things could be worse.

A couple months ago, I was watching a show that was featuring Oprah and Tony Robbins.  I thought they were great.  They both shared their stories of triumph over tragedy, which were both very touching. Their stories were filled with heartache, and they used these challenges as catalysts to get them where they are now.  Truly inspirational stories.

BUT as I continued to watch I had one thought persistently screaming to me – “We don’t need to have ‘tragic’ stories to overcome in order to rise up to our fullest potential!!!”  There are so many people with apparently “cushy” lives that silently suffer, because they are too afraid to admit the pain they feel and shatter the illusion they created.  This to me is a tragedy in itself.

As we hear so often in the stories that get portrayed through media stories and books, there are countless stories of people rising above tough times to surpass their wildest dreams.  I applaud these stories, since there is always the choice to play the victim instead.  I do have to add though, that there is no question that it is easier to create changes when you have nothing else to lose.  It is a lot tougher to do when things aren’t so bad.  So, instead of rocking the boat, many silently suffer.

I admittedly silently suffered for many years; taking comfort in the facade I had created.  No, I didn’t have a troubling childhood.  I don’t have stories of woe to share.  I had supportive, loving parents (and still do).  I had close and accepting friends.  I did well in school.  I had everything a person could possible want growing up.  I went on to get the job, the man, the house, and the kids. So where did the deep dissatisfaction with my life come from?  The answer – I had an unrelenting knowing that there was more.

I was no longer willing or content to settle.  Admittedly, I didn’t initially know where to start, but I took one step at a time, and I have now created a life that is deeply satisfying, meaningful, and purpose-filled.  Not without it’s occasional bumps and bruises along the way, but a happy life nevertheless.

So, my question to you is, “Are you letting your ‘good life’ hold you back?”


Trisha Savoia is founder/owner of Absolute Awareness, and creator of the Moms Who Want More Program.  Through her programs, writing, and speaking she uses her skills and experience as a mother, teacher, & Clinical Hypnotherapist to mentor moms who want more out of their lives – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  She teaches moms how to slow down, peel away the layers to find their true selves, and to listen to their intuitive sense so that they can create a sense of fulfillment, meaning, and happiness in their lives.