Tea Time with Trish: My Summer Struggle

Tea Time with Trish: My Summer Struggle

Summer is upon us and with that it has been bringing up mixed feelings for me.  The reason for these mixed feelings is because my higher self and my ego mind have been battling it out!  Since I have gone into business for myself, I know that the direction my business takes lies directly on my shoulders.   Most times I embrace the fact that I control my own future, however, in all honesty at times this can also scare the crap out of me!


The reason for the recent mixed feelings is because I really want to focus on being in the moment of being a mom, without the constant pull to feel like I “should” be doing something to keep up the momentum of my business.  If you talk to any marketer it is absolutely imperative to remain consistently visible so that we don’t get forgotten.  Although I do believe this to be true, I also feel that it is even more important to be in integrity at all times.


Because of this I have set a structure for myself within my business, BUT I have also made a commitment to myself that I will only send out material and posts that I feel guided to; ones that I feel will bring genuine value. For the summer, part of me is excited to relax on the structure that I have set up…and another part of me is scared to let go of it.


If you have read any of my past material you may have heard me refer to our higher self and our ego mind.  Our higher self is what calls us to do what is for our best and highest good.  Our ego mind is engulfed in fear.


In this case I know that it is my ego mind that is trying to keep me safe by not veering off course, but I also know that my higher self is strongly calling me to relax, enjoy my kids, and allow the seeds that I have already planted to take root.  There are cycles we go through, so we aren’t always meant to be in “doing” mode.  However, this causes a lot of fear for our ego.


Be being aware, we can easily determine which mind is talking to us, and it is up to us which one we listen to.  When these situations arise, which they do for all of us, I ask myself the question, “If I wasn’t afraid, what would I do?”


Based on the answer to that question, I am letting go of the well intentioned advice of marketers and doing what I know is best for my priorities at this times….and right now my priority is to spend focused time with my family.  And because it is coming from my highest self, I trust that all is happening as it should.


Why am I sharing this?  First to share how fear creeps in for everyone and its how we respond and handle it that is important.  I believe that the key to handling it well is awareness.  And secondly to let you know that I will be easing up a little this summer, and am committing to sending out one blog a month versus my usual weekly blog (you may or may not have noticed that in June I went to bi-weekly).  I am however still available to contact, and will continue to work with clients, but you will see me slow down on my writing, as well as, social media for a couple months.


Come September I am planning another 10 Week Best Mom You Can Be Group Program.  Dates are still to come, but if you are interested, drop me a line trisha@absoluteawareness.ca.


So having said all this, enjoy your summer; stay in the moment with your kids; and take the time to nurture yourself in nature.  I know I will!


Trisha Savoia is founder/owner of Absolute Awareness, and creator of the Best Mom You Can Be Program.  Through her programs, writing, and speaking she uses her skills and experience as a mother, teacher, & Clinical Hypnotherapist to mentor moms who want to become the best mom they can be by beginning to focus on themselves first.

She teaches moms how to slow down, understand their true values & priorities, implement self-care & self-awareness, thereby opening up to their intuition to create their own fulfilment, meaning, purpose, and happiness. …which of course, all gets passed down to the children who can then retain their intuitive sense, and grow from a place of knowing the truth of who they are.