Tea Time with Trish: Part 3 – What Are We Trying To Escape?

Tea Time with Trish: Part 3 – What Are We Trying To Escape?


As I continue onto Part 3 of the series “Unexpected Gifts From A Getaway, ” little did I know that my trip to Banffwas going to heal me on more levels than just self-care.  If you missed out on Part 1 and Part 2, you can still be caught up to speed.


So many of us struggle through our everyday moments just looking forward to the reprieve we get at the end of the road.  We justify our busyness and stick fast to our determination to be in action…some to the point of even claiming to “like” being busy.  Hmmm?  Really?  That begs the question, “why?”


Finally we hit a tipping point where we need a break and we grasp on tightly to knowing its coming…just hold on and buck up and we’ll get a break soon.


This is exactly what I did.  I had thought, “I’ll fit in one more meeting, or one more activity, and then when I get toBanff, I’ll have a break.”


I was completely disregarding my inner guidance, and to top it off  I “secretly” was hoping I could still get some more done when I got to Banff.  Not exactly the break I was convincing myself it would be.


To my credit, a couple weeks prior to my Banff getaway, I did take it easy for a couple days when I knew my body was telling me to, but I still pushed through many items on my “to-do” list that I was forcing myself to accomplish…and then I could really rest.


In taking it easy those days, it definitely did help revive me somewhat, which in itself should be an indication to the value of taking breaks, however the truth of the matter is if I was truly listening I would have acknowledged the fact that I was getting myself out of balance a lot sooner.  But I was too in the momentum of busyness to really listen.


As a side note – I just love the old adage that we teach what we need to learn.  Hmmm?  Apply much?  Granted I have already learned many levels of this lesson, but now was the time to kick it up a notch!


An “escape” you say? I have come to understand the true meaning around why getaways are called “escapes.”  We are trying to escape from the realities of the lives we have created for ourselves (and yes, sorry to burst your bubble, but you did create your own life), and hope that this escape will be enough to revive us so that we can come back ready to pick up the pace we had previously set.


Although getaways are wonderful, whether they be a quick escape to the mountains, or a week trip to Mexico, they cannot take the place of continual self-care, and creating a sustainable, healthy pace of life.


I thought my 3 day Banff getaway would heal me body, mind, and soul, BUT my greater healing came in the form of higher awareness of how important it is to nurture ourselves on a deeper level regularly and to trust that its okay to slow down.  This comes down to listening to our bodies.  Our emotions will always let us know what we need in every moment.


I will certainly enjoy more getaways, but not with a desperate attempt to buy myself some energy, motivation, and revitalizing, so that I can continue to keep up the pace I had set, even though my body was telling me it’s time to switch gears.


Over the years I have become very conscious of slowing down, listening to my intuition, and following my guidance.  I have learned how to ease the rigid thinking and disciplined action that can come with being a people-pleaser, perfectionist, and over-analyzer. Because of this it has helped me to create a happier life for myself, BUT little did I know that I was only touching the tip of the ice berg in regards to the levels of self-care and trust in life that we require.  Obviously there was no way I could have learned this all in one go, since everything is an evolution and there are always different layers of learning, but I have come to understand at a greater level the importance of knowing and trusting ourselves.


Believe me, the temptation to force myself to “stick with the relaxation and pampering plan” was definitely looming, and thoughts of “this is not how it is suppose to go” reared their head, but I can admit to the fact that those were coming from my ego mind, which loves to tell us what we “should” be doing. Had I not allowed myself to acknowledge and listen to the “lessons” that were being presented, I can say with certainty that I would have left Banff with the belief that it was a waste of time and that it didn’t give me what I needed.


It most certainly did give me what I needed…in a form I did not expect, BUT was far more valuable than I can even express in words…okay, that’s a lie, I seem to be using a lot of words…6 blogs worth!  I came back home with an entirely different perspective than the one I had gone to Banff with 3 days earlier.  Wow, what a gift!


Stay tuned next week for lesson 4 in the series “Unexpected Gifts From a Getaway.”


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Trisha Savoia is founder/owner of Absolute Awareness, and creator of the Moms Who Want More Program.  Through her programs, writing, and speaking she uses her skills and experience as a mother, teacher, & Clinical Hypnotherapist to mentor moms who want more out of their lives – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  She teaches moms how to slow down, peel away the layers to find their true selves, and to listen to their intuitive sense so that they can create a sense of fulfillment, meaning, and happiness in their lives.