Trisha has helped me see outside of my box! I knew about energy and self-care but never made the connection to apply the principles to kids! It was like Trisha took the blinders off my eyes. Her approach was warm and supportive as she guided me along this parenting soul journey. I have so much respect and gratitude for Trisha. My experience with her was truly life changing. Thank you!

Jackie H.

I wanted to make sure that I sent you an email to really let me know how much I have enjoyed your coaching program.  You have provided me with the guidance, your ear, and your life experiences right at the time in my life where I have been trying to navigate myself through a huge period of change.  Some of the things that I have learned from you which really stand out are; 1) to trust myself, my gut, my feelings, 2) to ask the universe for what I need, and patiently wait, and 3) to put myself and my needs higher on my priority list and just generally improve my self care.  Thank you for all of that!  I think it is amazing how you have taken your own experiences and created a fantastic career out of helping other Moms!

Kara M, mother of 2

The Soulful Parent is one of the most amazing courses I have ever taken. It has made me so much more aware as a parent and given me many useful tools to help nurture my children’s intuitive sides. It has created many wonderful conversations with my children and I feel in turn has brought us closer as a family. It helped me make some very positive changes in regards to how I parent my children. Since the course started, I have seen a big change in my kids behaviour and attitudes…all for the better. It really taught me to pay attention to my children’s needs. Thank you Trisha for all that you do; you are such an inspiration! I will recommend this course to everyone I know!



I don’t even know where to begin to explain how much, not just this 10 week course, but you mean to me. Through you and because of you, I am slowly peeling back the layers and discovering me – the real me- and everyday, I am figuring out who I am, who I want to be and more importantly, how to go about living in alignment with my higher self.

The Integrity Code Course has been inspiring, grounding, laughter-filled, joyous, and overall, life changing. Through the work you do, you managed to bring together such a diverse, yet connected group of women to share with, learn from, grow with, and be inspired by. We have laughed together, we have cried together and through it all, we’ve learned there is no right and no wrong…there is only an increase in self-awareness.

Being on this journey and having you as my mentor and guide has impacted my life immensely. I am seriously considering having a bracelet made saying “What Would Trish Say” because whenever I am in a situation I don’t know how to handle, that’s what comes to mind. Even my husband advises me by asking, “well, what would Trish do…”

Thank you for everything you do, for everything you are and for helping me define my path in life because you so courageously followed yours…


I just wanted to thank you for the past 10 weeks of The Soulful Parent course. I feel so much clearer and purposeful. I have a different relationship with my children and am so excited that I can help them understand their true selves. You are doing truly great work!

How could I possibly find the right words to express how grateful I am to you? Well…I couldn’t. I have made many attempts to compile an amazing, emotion-filled and profound letter to you, but the words would not come simply because there are none to truly tell you what you have done for me over the years. It is a FEELING.

My life is changed for the better because of you. Everyone in my life will be the recipients of a happier, calmer, grounded, and peaceful wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend so your reach is far and impactful to so many more than just me.

So, how can I say “thank you” for allowing me to find my higher self and live my life by honoring my Integrity Code? I won’t say it…I will live it.

In love and appreciation,

“I hesitantly signed up for The Integrity Code program with Trisha Savoia in hopes she could help me come out of my shell and find the confidence in myself I craved. I was pleasantly surprised with how warm and inviting she was. I was instantly hooked! Trisha helped me find not only that confidence I was looking for, but tools and exercises to maintain and improve on the skills she taught me.

Months after finishing the program, I am still improving and growing. The time I spent with Trisha was more valuable than any other therapy I have experienced. I am happier than I ever remember being. Her knowledge and passion for her teaching and guiding definitely shows.

The way you helped me, Trisha, has truly been amazing and I am so very grateful I got the opportunity. Thank you!!”


Thank you so much for your guidance and love over the past 10 weeks. Your course has allowed me to bring together many aspects of self care and my authentic self. You united so many concepts I had learned about and put them in a very concise way. This made the concepts clearer; made me think about them differently and this is where the enlightenment came. Through these sessions I also now have a greater number of tools to draw from to help me put what I have learned into practice, which I am finding can be the most challenging part. I especially loved finding my Soul Needs.

I am so grateful to have met you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your stories, your love, kindness and generosity. And thank you for putting such a wonderful group of women together. Beautiful women with hearts full of love and light!

Sincerely, with infinite love and gratitude,

“I have heard Trisha speak and I think that she is a tremendous leader and visionary.

Jacki McLenaghan
Pure Potentials Wellness

My vibration was low
Lower than you’d know
Then I say a sign…
About Wine & Align
And a class for Moms Who Want More
So I dropped a cheque at your door
You found others just like me
and gave us all hot tea
In your basement so cold
Warmed by laughter so bold
The energy was flowing
And your face was glowing
You guided us so well
To face our issues from hell!
We got it all out in the open
It was even better than I was hopin’
I thank you for waking me
And raising my Chi
The end is now here
Or is it new friendships to cheer?
That was reframing
Definitely not blaming
I hope again, I’ll come to your door
Maybe for your class “Moms who want more and more…”
Thank you so much Trisha
Only the best in life I wish ya!

Bless you for doing what you do!


I just feel compelled to write to your right now. I have to let you know how so much of what you say strikes a personal chord with me…and I mean big time. You are helping me so much on my path it’s unbelievable. I knew when my friend told me about you and your Soulful Parent course that it was for me. I had no idea to what extent. Its gone way beyond what I expected and is helping me not only with my parenting, but as you share your stories of your personal spiritual growth, you’re helping me pave my way. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Trisha Savoia has something special. Her Integrity Code program is not just for those who really need guidance, it is for everyone. All of us need direction in our lives and guidance, in some way. This program does that! The “Soul” she refers to in the program should not deter those who fear religious proclamations and such. The Soul is personal, to you. It is your soul. Through this program you learn how to properly nurture it. You delve into emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual evaluations and find out what is truly in need of attention in your life. For many of us it is a combination of all of the above. How little time we take for ourselves? How can we be good parents, spouses, friends, siblings, career people, if we don’t balance ourselves first? You will learn that not only is it okay to take a stand, say no, and tell others “This is what I need. This is my soul-nurturing time, ” it is a necessity.

I was given Trisha’s name by a friend. At a time in my life, when I was an angry wife and parent, feeling unworthy, underappreciated, over-taxed and needing affirmation, (sound familiar?), I said “What the heck! I am going to try this.” I contacted her and did one of her 10 week courses. What an awakening! She helps you to self-explore through various techniques including homework activities in the form of simple exercises. She also checks in via email regularly and has amazingly insightful blogs.

To describe Trisha is easy. It is hard to believe that this is her second career choice. She was a teacher first, a wife and mother and now adds to her many titles a “Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life & Parent Coach”. What is unique about Trisha is that she is such a realist. Not afraid to say it like it is! She is kind and welcoming and non-judgmental, but not a pushover. She is one who has learned from her mistakes, needed more out of life and decided to take a stand. She followed her passion and garnered something brilliant. This is not couch worthy “Psychiatric Care”, it is more like dropping in on a friend and getting to the heart of the matter, without any pretences, or the worry that you will only be told what you want to hear. She does not sugar-coat it. I love her hilarious anecdotes and she freely shares her past and present experiences. Trisha is a fabulous judge of character, so if you go into this thinking that you can pull one over on her or not be sincere or real, then this is not for you. She has a way of making you so comfortable, that you want to share, want to talk, and you go home and actually want to do your homework! Something awakens in you. I still catch myself and realize that I need to follow what I learned, but Trisha is in my head and I know she is always there if I need her.

From her latest fan,

Recently, I had the great pleasure of completing the 10-week Soulful Parenting class, facilitated by Trisha Savoia of Absolute Awareness.

Honestly, starting the class, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping to gain a few nuggets of wisdom, discover a couple new ways to raise my children and overall just become a “better” parent.

What ended up happening was a dramatic shift in how I look at…well everything. It changed how I see my children, how I approach my “job” as mom and overall, how I view parenting. I realized it’s not our job to shape and mould our children into who WE want them to be; rather it’s our job to simply guide and be there for them as they grow and become who THEY are supposed to be.

Throughout each week during the class, I was given new insights and “lightbulb moments” that really changed my perspective on my boys and my parenting. I was forced to really see my children and understand how they approach the world, what unique characteristics make them who they are and what I can do to support and nurture that.

We are so programmed by society and past generations – and a lot of time, as parents, we just go through the motions. We parent on auto-pilot, often spewing out “because I said so, that’s why” or “I’ll give you something to cry about” or “because I’m your Mom and I know best.”

The Soulful Parenting course allowed me to really understand, while we obviously live in a physical, material world, that to live a truly happy and authentic life, we need to raise our children with a spiritual conscience.

We need to understand this generation of kids being born are far more spiritually advanced and in-tune than in years past. They are sensitive and empathic and really are the people that will change the world. And we need to start parenting these children with a new understanding, an open heart and a new kind of communication.

THANK YOU Trish, for everything you shared, everything you taught and everything you did. The ripple effects of each lesson are still being felt in every area of my life. With so many classes being offered on discipline or child rearing, all designed to fit into a specific box or quickly label our children, your course has shown me that each child needs to be celebrated and nurtured in their own specific and unique way.

I am forever indebted.


Dear Trish,

It’s been 10 weeks since we started on this journey and man oh man has it been a wild 10 weeks for me!!! I have completely turned my world upside down and through it all our sessions quickly became my grounding place and soft place to fall.

Each week we touched on something different, but the common theme was always there – taking care of ourselves, pursuing happiness without judgement and with unconditional support. I can’t even begin to tell you have this program became a lifeline. I find myself drawing on things we have talked about in between sessions as I manage my world right now. With each week I feel myself getting a little bit stronger and a little bit surer of what my intuition is telling me.

I now feel equipped to use the tools I learned and live my life with grace and integrity…and above all else happiness.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the lifeline and don’t ever forget how much your words and encouragement mean to those you help.


I wanted to say thank you again for being the support that I needed to make some big and important changes to my life. I feel much more equipped to handle life’s challenges and to create the life that I want now from having met you. You provided me with the tools, guidance and energy that I need and I am SO grateful to have gone through your programs! I am a more pleasant, positive, and optimistic person now than I have ever been. I will do my part to spread the word/message as this is knowledge and power that is ingrained in my life and everything I do now.


To Trisha,

Thanks so much for the opportunity to spend some time focused on me! The ladies in the group are fabulous and I will miss seeing them weekly.

Although much of what we talked about is not new to me, it has been a great reminder to put some things into practice. I have managed to make some tough decisions through the process and set myself some reachable goals, without feeling that if I don’t do something huge it’s not good enough.

I believe we all need some assistance along the journey and this class has helped e toward the things I want out of life. It has reminded me to stay calm during the storm, and that energy has continued to transfer over into my home life. I’m glad you and this group have been part of my journey.

In gratitude,

“Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking but a full-on metamorphosis.” By Martha Beck “This quote resonated with me because once I read it, I thought of my journey with Trisha Savoia and her teachings.

Trisha is rare gem, she does not demand, she does not command, she does not preach, she does not expect, she does not dictate, she does not order… Trish guides. She guided me through listening to my concerns and my issues I was having with my son. She waited and then when I was ready she was simply there to guide me to make a change.

Trisha’s unique approach allows people to find the answers themselves through thoughtful conversations, gentle exchange of knowledge and offering tools to help you on your journey to change. Trisha does not judge. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Trisha.

I thought I knew what my life purpose was – be a good person, be a good wife, be a good mom, be a good friend, I realize now that I had the words in place but I didn’t have the actions. Trisha taught me to be accountable to what I say I want. It was time to be a good mom so that my son knew how to be a good person too. Thank you Trisha for allowing me to be vulnerable and recognizing my weaknesses so I could then become strong. I am ”morphing” and I am excited to see who I will become.”

C. Marcine


Let me introduce you…to me!

This is someone I am learning about well.

Over the past months I have become someone different. It has been a change that some might not notice, except me. In fact, I’m still trying to get used to it. This change has been talking to myself with love. The change is believing that I deserve better. I like how it makes me feel. I feel real, just like the person I have always wanted to be. I would love to say that earth-changing things have happened and quite honestly, they are…one step at a time. I can really see myself like that spring flower, waiting to burst, yet holding on for just the right time to bloom.

You were always right in talking about “layers.” Peeling off those layers and revealing the true self. While I have always working on removing those layers, the roots often felt too raw to heal, so they would close up again. This time is different. What I didn’t realize was that I was still choosing to hang onto the hurt and pain. It had become the circle of self-sabotage; never releasing the judgment, the guilt, the hurt, and the shame.

BUT, like you said, my NEW story is one of pride and respect for myself. It is a story of how much fun I had and how I am overcoming the jurt and how I am working on releasing the judgement, the guilt, and the shame and turning them into new opportunities in my life and most of all, how I show love to myself…

Please know that the exercises and conversations we have DO make a difference! Your efforts created that awareness you talk about and that change I am working toward. The introduction of new habits, the release of the old weathered ways and the rebuilding of renewed inner beauty. I love the positive, yet grounded sense they you have about yourself.

So thanks to you, I have met me again…and that flower is starting to blossom.

I thank you Trish for your time, commitment, patience and most of all believing in me!!


“Before going to see Trisha I was depressed, angry, overweight, and wasn’t sleeping. After just one session I was sleeping like a baby and had found quite a few answers to why I was so angry. She has since given me an awakening of my spirituality and some great tools to help me deal with life.

I have been able to do more than just cope with life; I have been basking in the glory of it. I am really feeling the words which are displayed on her office walls – Laughter, Love, Strength, Serenity, and it can’t get much better than that.” Sue

I just wanted to say that Trisha makes the unimaginable possible and opens your eyes to your hidden potential. She is a wonderful woman who gives of herself in a very special way.

“I had a wonderful and uplifting session with Trisha Savoia. She is a very insightful and knowledgeable coach and really helped me understand the underlying issues of my stress. Right down to the soul level. She helped me to feel clearer and more hopeful as as devised a helpful plan to help me back on my path. Thank you Trisha, you are amazing!”

Lisa Woykin
Family Ties Hypnotherapy

“I recently attended a fabulous weekend retreat with Trisha Savoia. Before the retreat I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and exhausted. During the weekend, Trisha taught me a variety of tools to assist in achieving balance in my life. Her presentation style was fun and interactive and we were given ample time to reflect and discuss. I came away from the weekend feeling refreshed, relaxed and excited about the weeks ahead. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking to create a more balanced and enjoyable life.”


“This weekend I attended a spiritual retreat held by Trisha Savoia and I feel like I came home a new person. It is as though I have a clearer picture of who I am and who I want to be. Trisha is an amazing coach and the activities prepared were not only fun, but they allowed me a chance to get to know myself on a deeper level. I truly can’t say enough good things about the weekend. Thank you so much Trisha. I look forward to your next retreat!”


“Trisha Savoia has the unique gift of capturing the essence of what it takes to improve your life in a humorous, straightforward way. The reflections and exercises we work through have helped me come away from all her workshops with new insight into myself, my needs and how to tackle the challenges that I face. I only wish I could be around her more! I would highly recommend Trisha to anyone!”


“I was recently given the opportunity to attend a weekend retreat with Trisha Savoia. I cannot tell you just how glad I am that I attended this! It was truly amazing! Trisha is an excellent facilitator and provided me with many tools that I will use in my lifetime. I have made so many positive changes in my life since the retreat. It really helped me to understand my true self. I would recommend this to everyone! Thank you Trisha!”


“Consider the workshops offered by Absolute Awareness a must do item on your To-Do List!!! I recently attended the series of workshops presented by Trisha Savoia and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for someone to bring it all together in an easy and comfortable format.

Trisha’s teaching background is apparent from the moment she began the seminar; she was organized and the material was laid out in a manner that facilitated understanding and she offered a variety of supporting research to support the beliefs presented. She encouraged hands on testing of the tools presented, and discussion with the rest of the participants was encouraged to generate ideas and share personal thoughts.

For me the best part of the seminar was the passion that was so evident when Trisha spoke. Here is a facilitator that truly believes what she is presenting and is living the program each day. I think what resonated with me most was that Trisha presented the program and then spoke to how the program is something to strive for… it’s not a quick fix solution and at times life gets in the way and she gave real, concrete tools to deal with the obstacles that come along the way. I left the seminars with the feeling that if I couldn’t make the system work 100% of the time, it was ok and that was normal; it is the journey that is important and that I had all the tools I needed to continue on the journey.

Trisha is great at sharing personal anecdotes from her life and talking about how shifting her value system and way of thinking has changed and enhanced her life. It’s always hard to find time to work on ourselves, but taking these workshops is an investment you won’t regret!!”


“I was at a crossroad in my life and something had to change. Through her gentle guidance, Trisha has helped me to see the changes that had to be made and has helped me find the tools to make the changes. Trisha has been very helpful and is very easy to work with. “

Name withheld by request

“Trisha Savoia explains, in her own passionate and witty style, how one can adopt a truly healing philosophy with immediate results in improving career, business, and their personal life.”

E. Ward

“I really enjoyed working with Trisha, she is great to talk with and had really valuable insight to help point me in the right direction. She is warm, open and energetic in a wonderfully positive way. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again in the future.”


“I signed up for Trisha Savoia’s series of workshops to improve my Happiness. I liked the practical, easy and down to earth exercises that Trisha had for the participants to work on during the workshops. The fact that the workshops were spread out over time allowed time for reflection before moving to the next step. Trisha knows what she is talking about, she is credible, competent and very approachable. Anyone could benefit from Trisha’s coaching as she gives tools to pursue the life you really want!”


“Meeting Trisha in person, I was impressed by her knowledge, but even more by her passion for teaching the truths that have transformed her life. Having attended one of her workshops, I am now excited to tell others about it.”


“I have lived with a constant and lingering sadness that I assumed I would always have. From my first session with Trisha, I felt completely heard and safe to freely explore the parts of my life that I was unhappy with and had never dealt with. Through hypnotherapy, Trisha was able to gently guide me through the many unresolved feelings and memories that seemed to consume my present life. I had never been hypnotized before and came away with the knowledge and tools that I needed to see clearly what it was that I wanted for my life and what I needed to change in my life.

Through Trisha, I was able to once and for all shelve the baggage that weighed me down for so many years. Trisha’s approach to helping me find the true meaning in my life made the world of difference. Even my husband noticed a shift in me! I physically feel lighter and happier and more at peace with my life. I feel joy and can not thank Trisha enough.”