Time to Stop Conforming

freedomEvery human…whether conscious of it or not…has a desire to be free from the chains of conformity.


Many before us have blazed the paths for us to have countless freedoms…and now is the time where we are individually seeking our own personal freedom; our own spiritual freedom – free from the constraints and rules that have limited our minds and imprisoned our spirits.


There aren’t any rallies, marches or demonstrations. But there is an instinctive inner summoning to our own inherent freedom.


I’m not going pretend to know enough about history to go into the specifics of all the freedoms that have been won for us…many which we take for granted…but I do know that we owe a lot of gratitude to be in the position we are now. A position where we have the liberty to focus on our hearts.


We as a species have evolved to this point where freedom of our minds and freedom of our spirits is the next step in our evolution.


We are being called in this direction. …And when we don’t listen the calls get louder and the nudges more dramatic.


Our natural need is for freedom, joy, abundance, ease and creativity. But we have let the pace of our hectic and chaotic lives drown out these desires, and we’ve replaced them by settling for the known and expected, as well as the monotonous and mediocre.


Our internal guide is calling us to listen, asking us to have the courage to think for ourselves and live as our selves…our true authentic selves.


We live in a world that has largely lost its luster for life…even with all the freedoms we now take comfort in.


We suffer not because that’s how life is, but because we aren’t living the life we are meant to live. We’ve become complacent, we’ve become victims, and we’ve become acceptant of the norm.


We live in a society that predominately looks at pursuing our dreams as frivolous, taking risks as irresponsible, following our hearts as foolish, and blazing our own trail as rebellious.


The result for those that fearfully (or unknowingly) cling to the safety of the “already approved”? Lifeless and unlived lives.


Safety was my calling card. I was following the controlled stampede giving little thought to the possibility that there were side streets that led to better places.


Ultimately I began to feel the emptiness and I lacked a spark for life…but I hoped something would change.


That hope remained in hope form until I consciously took steps; until I listened and allowed myself to be escorted by my spirit which knows the way to my true freedom.


Once I detoured from the crowd, the heaviness started to lift and anticipation for what was possible surfaced.


We are all at a turning point – get lost in the confines of conformity OR find ourselves in the demand for our own personal freedom.


We can no longer aimlessly follow the blueprints others have laid out. We must give ourselves permission to heed the call of our soul, and be true our own authentic nature.