Too Scared to Live the Life I Wanted

livinglifeI’m now living my life how I always wanted to…but for a long time was just too damn scared to.


I’ve intuitively felt that life was supposed to be easy, joyful & fun; that we are supposed to relax and live a life of outrageous good.


But not everyone agreed.


When confronted with passionately heated questions of…


• Do you know what is going on in my life right now?!
• Do you have any idea what my childhood was like?!
• Do you see what’s happening in the news?


My certainty would waver, and I’d hesitantly wonder…


• Am I totally off base?
• Am I just plain ole selfish?
• Am I insensitively thoughtless and heartlessly uncompassionate?


I mean…come-on…in the face of “reality” it sounds a little unrealistic…doesn’t it?


But I couldn’t shake the feeling that buying into the struggle was leading us astray. That somewhere along the way, we’d somehow gotten it wrong…and it was decidedly time to start getting it right.


So, little by little I gave myself permission to trust what I was feeling; and I stopped making myself wrong.


Little by little I started undoing, unravelling and untangling from all the ideas that weren’t even mine.


Little by little I stopped telling the stories I didn’t want in my life; and I started telling the ones I did.


Little by little I started living what I wanted; and I stopped waiting for it to change on its own.


Little by little I relinquished control and aligned with my Soul.


And here’s what has become true for me…


I’ve relaxed into the Freedom & Flow of life, leaving the details up to the Universe.


I’ve welcomed Spaciousness & Simplicity first in my mind, which then naturally seeped into my everyday life.


I’ve embraced Love & Lightheartedness as the aim, spunk, and spirit of it all.


I joyfully Engage & Experience life, and know there is no limit to how good this can get.


…and there’s no more going back.


If you’re intrigued and suspect the same, I’ll be sharing much more through my writing – the stumbles & growth, the learning & lessons, the potential & possibilities, the wonder & awe….


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