Trisha’s Two-Cent Tuesdays: Lost your zen?

Trisha’s Two-Cent Tuesdays: Lost your zen?

Have you ever come home from yoga, or tea with a friend, or something else that left you feeling calm and peaceful…only to walk in the door to chaos and you are immediately triggered?

Well, I’m not saying that I’m the star of this scenario, but I’ve heard it happens….ok, ok you see right through that don’t you?  Fine, that was totally me two days ago!

Yep, I went to a yoga class, and left feeling like all was right with the world.  I came home, walked in the door, took one look around…and my zen was gone!

My two-cents? Well, what I have learned over the years is that when this happens…my tank is empty, and it is time to fill ‘er up!

On most occasions, the little things don’t really get to me like they would in the past.  I’ve learned how to slow down and keep myself fuelled, so that I am much more able to let go of the little things.  BUT every now and then, my Type A personality goes into overdrive and I need a little reminder that its time to slow down.

So, you are NOT a terrible mom, or a nagging wife; it’s simply that you need to slow down, and nurture yourself…in whatever way that looks for you.

For me, I love to recoup with a nice cup of tea & a book, or do some journaling, or watch a movie, or have a “feed your soul” conversation, or do some yoga, or go to the mountains.  AND (and this is equally important) stop trying to fit too much into a day!


Any stories or feed your soul practice you want to share?

Trisha Savoia is founder/owner of Absolute Awareness, and creator of the Moms Who Want More Program.  Through her programs, writing, and speaking she uses her skills and experience as a mother, teacher, & Clinical Hypnotherapist to mentor moms who want more out of their lives – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.