Trisha’s Two-Cent Tuesdays: Time to Simplify

Trisha’s Two-Cent Tuesdays: Time to Simplify

Over the course of the last week or so, I have had some truly amazing awarenesses and learnings take place, which I will be sharing with you in more detail in an upcoming blog series I’ve titled “Unexpected Gifts From A Getaway.”


Those learnings are the reason I am writing this particular blog, because the importance has become glaringly obvious to me that as things evolve and shift for me, I need to be flexible and change as change is needed.


I am at one of those points where a bit of change is needed.  I absolutely love writing, BUT what I don’t love is the added pressure I have put on myself regarding my writing.


As a “recovering” over-achiever I figured that if putting out one blog a week is good, well then putting out two blogs a week is ever BETTER! 


That truly did work well for awhile…and I enjoyed doing it, BUT as my business is evolving I am finding that the creation of all my writing material for two days a week is taking its toll on maintaining balance within my work and family.


So, on that note I have decided to SIMPLIFY!  I will joyfully maintain my Tea Time with Trish blog, and I am releasing my Trisha’s Two-Cent Tuesdays.  Having said that, that’s not to say that I won’t still continue to put out blogs more than once a week, but I no longer will commit to expecting myself to do so.


My Two-Cent Tuesdays were always a bit shorter, so I will now incorporate that into my Tea Time with Trish blogs, so you will see more of a variation within these blogs.


If you are curious about what led to this decision…and many more, please stay tuned to my blog series that will be posted starting this Thursday, February 23rd.


I am open to and welcome any feedback and/or suggestions.


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Trisha Savoia is founder/owner of Absolute Awareness, and creator of the Moms Who Want More Program.  Through her programs, writing, and speaking she uses her skills and experience as a mother, teacher, & Clinical Hypnotherapist to mentor moms who want more out of their lives – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.