Wanting What You Want Isn’t Wrong

For years I had an inner battle with how to come to terms with my desires. I was the kind of person who wanted what she wanted, but I also had the world telling me that there was a limit to what I could have.


I didn’t “want” in a bratty, entitled and spoiled kind of way…although I’m sure that’s how some parts of society would have deemed it. But I did want what I want, and felt it should be possible.


Quite honestly, society had me convinced for a while that I got it wrong, that I was the problem, and that I had an entitlement issue. But that was never the case…


What it was, was a deep inner knowing that we are meant to have it all. The wants that we want are because we are meant to want them, and we are meant to have them.


Our desires are beacons calling us back to remembering our divine truth – we are divine beings that came here with divine birthrights and are encoded with a divine knowing of all possibilities.


The problem wasn’t me. It never was. The problem was the system of beliefs I grew up in. The belief that there is lack, that there’s not enough, that things are limited, and that things are scarce.


I let all that scare me into complying into living less than I was. I allowed those misguided and incorrect beliefs shame me and diminish me for way too long.


We do not live in a world of lack. Things are not scarce. The economy does not control your wealth. Your job does not limit your earning potential. And your desires are more than possible.


You have an endless stream of abundance flowing to you at all times, and this Source of abundance is within you. It’s not something you have to work hard for or laboriously effort at in order to have it. …but you do need to remember. …and you do need to allow this inner connection to be reestablished.


As a young child, I remember vividly that feeling of knowing that there was more than enough, and that there’d ALWAYS be more than enough. …I also vividly remember that knowing being extinguished in one fell swoop. I distinctly recall the feelings I experienced when my switch flipped from abundance to lack…and in my innocence I remember wondering how I could have got it so wrong.


That’s when the fear of not having enough started…and that’s when I started to struggle with my desires. I became conflicted with wanting what I wanted yet not being willing to not have them. This imbalance led to some misaligned choices, and ultimately to taking on shame.


My young self knew there were no such limits; that there was no reason to compromise, but she got easily persuaded away from this truth. …and so may have you too.


When untampered and untouched, my pure heart knew what was true.


And I’m now reunited back with that part of her.


Are you ready to be reunited too?





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